10 Awesome Ways To Spend Your Lottery Winnings

Everybody wants to win the lottery. We all like to dream. But once the dream is realised, what then? Just what are we going to spend all that money on? Well, here are 10 awesome ways to spend your lottery winnings.

Everybody wants to win the lottery. We all like to dream. But once the dream is realised, what then? Just what are we going to spend all that money on? Well, here are 10 awesome ways to spend your lottery winnings.

1. Throw a party!

Probably the first thing on everybody’s to-do list. I mean what’s the point of having all that money if you don’t tell everybody about it right? The trick is to throw a party as soon after the money is in the bank as possible. The reason for this is because you want to be able to reward all your extended family and friends before the jealousy sets in. It is also a good idea to get everybody you know all together in one place on one day so you are able to deal with all the loan requests and business propositions that are inevitably going to come your way. You may want to stay sober for this by the way!

2. Invest in Property

David Beckham paid £27 million for his and Victoria’s house in Hertfordshire. Of course you may want to pay a little less but it is likely that you’ll still want an upgrade from your two up two down in Bromley.

3. Buy yourself a luxury yacht

OK, so a house is nice and all, but nothing shows off your new found wealth and power more than a spanking great boat. It has to be big, and it has to be Italian, and it certainly has to get you from Yarmouth to the south of France a couple of times a year.

4. Go on a world cruise

If buying yourself a yacht seems a tad excessive why not take yourself off on a world cruise. See everywhere worth seeing in 45 days. Cruises are a great way of eating too much, drinking too much and over-indulging in every type of activity you can think of, and if the worst comes to the worst there are always plenty of doctors on board!

5. Journey to outer space

The great thing about being a millionaire is that you get to indulge your fantasies, and one fantasy that has gripped many a young boy, probably since time began is the thought of going into space.

Richard Branson, who knows a thing or two about indulging in fantasies, set up Virgin Galactic in 1999 to do just that, now, 17 years later his dreams are becoming close to reality. Whilst Virgin Galactic can’t promise you’ll come across space pirates or aliens or even Sigourney Weaver when she was really fit, they will one day soon (hopefully) be able to help you achieve the ultimate ambition for any human and take part in a sub-orbital space flight.

6. Give to charity

Do you really need to give any of your millions to charity? The UK National Lottery gives 28p in every £1 to charity so why do you need to bother.

7. Set up a trust fund

Setting up a trust fund for your family’s future is really a necessity. Helping future generations to have a good start in life for such things as school fees, university costs etc and generally making sure they are taken care of when they are older (if they’re not already,) it’s the wise thing to do.

8. Invest in start-ups (become a dragon)

Set up your own dragons den and invest in start-up companies (technology companies tend to do best). By helping other people achieve their dreams you will gain an enormous amount of satisfaction and when they float you will see tremendous dividends.

9. Get a divorce!

Man to wife: “Start packing your bags, I’ve just won the lottery!”
Wife to man: “Oh wow! Where are we going!”
Man to wife: “Anywhere you like you’re leaving!”

Of all the things you could spend your money on a divorce will almost certainly end up being the most costly. It may not be the best way to spend your lottery winnings and to be honest if you really want to do all the other things on the list then this may not even be worth your while. However with a million pounds in your bank account (or even half a million!) you are sure to get plenty of attention from the opposite sex so you probably need to consider it.

10. Buy a lottery ticket!

Sure, why not! You did it once you can do it again. If you went for option 9 you may have to!

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