Canadian Oil Refinery Syndicate Millionaires

Syndicate Millionaires

31 workmates from the same Canadian oil refinery became instant syndicate millionaires after landing a C$60m (£34m) lottery jackpot. The winning ticket was one of the largest lottery wins in Canadian history.

The syndicate members all work at an oil refinery in the town of Come By Chance (I kid you not!) The town is in the north eastern district of Newfoundland and Labrador. Unbelievably only five of the 31 syndicate members, who will each pocket C$1.9m, are planning to retire immediately. The other syndicate members will stay on at the refinery for the foreseeable future.

Where Do Syndicate Millionaires Buy Their Tickets?

Syndicate organiser, Sherry Moore Hickey bought the winning ticket at her local gas station (where else!). Each member put in C$5 for a combined entry of C$155.

“it was hard to believe it was happening” Sherry said. “I told them all the same story. ‘We’re millionaires!’ I sent out a text saying, this is not a joke. We are all millionaires. Check the tickets!”

News of the lottery syndicate millionaires good fortune meant that Sherry received some unexpected attention too. “I was told by 30 men in one day that they all love me, so how many women have that happen to them?” She gushed. Unfortunately for those guys, Sherry is already married and her husband was also part of the syndicate.


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