Is the National Lot...

Is the National Lottery raffle really worth it?  



read an article recently (shown below) that UK lotto players failed to claim over £120 million in lotto prizes last year. This is a lot of money! The sort of figure in fact that if this was a Saturday rollover jackpot amount then everyone in the country would be rushing out to buy a ticket. Why then is this money not being claimed. Camelot tells us that approximately 3% of lotto prizes go unclaimed every year. Of these the vast majority of prizes are for the lotto raffle. This suggests that either UK lotto players are not checking their tickets properly or that people are not even aware that their lotto ticket guarantees them entry into a raffle.

This is almost unbelievable. The fact that people invest money each week to take part in lotto with the dream of winning huge sums of life changing money. suggests that they should at least be checking and re-checking their tickets to make sure whether they have actually won or not. Maybe people in the UK are just not that into the lotto raffle. Maybe they don't care. Maybe it just isn't marketed by Camelot very well. Either way, the National Lottery raffle just does not seem to be hitting the mark with a majority of UK lotto players.


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