Diamond Style Rings For Budding Millionaires

Diamond Style Rings

Diamond Style Rings: OK, so you haven’t won the lottery… Yet! That Cartier watch, you promised yourself is still a little while off. The diamond ring you yearn for every time the Powerball draw is made will have to wait. This doesn’t mean that you can’t add a little pizazz to your jewellery box though!

Stunningly beautiful diamond style rings and bracelets are available and affordable. Diamond Style of London has gorgeous jewellery for us ‘not quite’ millionaires.

Diamond Style is a UK-based jewellery manufacturer, retailer, and distributor. They create on-trend, instantly wearable, contemporary jewellery that will make you feel AWESOME!. 

Their jewellery features dazzling crystals which complement any look. Equally stunning in the office during the day or at night under the ballroom lights. Diamond style of London creates ‘affordable luxury’ for the modern woman. What is more, every piece is designed in the UK at their in-house studio in West London. These guys have a real passion for fashion and every piece is of the highest quality.

Sparkle Like The Markle!

Here at UK Lotto Club we particularly like the Meghan Ring. Set on a yellow gold band this ‘trilogy’ ring looks every bit fit for a Princess. Proving you don’t have to be royal to look like royalty this sparkler sells for just £79! A little bit cheaper than Meghan’s, this diamond style ring is no less stylish.

diamond style rings
Meghan Ring £79 from Diamond-Style.co.uk

Open Ring With Crystals

We also adore this amazing open ring with crystals. In a white gold style, this statement ring is perfect for when you need to dress up for a party or for a ‘date night’. Featuring 8 stunning crystals this diamond style ring will complement any outfit.

Open Ring With Crystals £69 from Diamond-Style.co.uk

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