Fourth UK Euro Millions winner this year

UK Euro Millions winner

A UK player has become the fourth UK Euro Millions winner this year. The huge £61.1 Million Euro Millions jackpot was won in the UK on Friday 29th July. The lucky ticket-holder pocketed an amazing £61,102,442.90 in the draw.

The ticket will now have to be validated by a National Lottery Winners’ Advisor before the prize can be paid to the lucky ticket-holder. The ticket-holder can decide whether to go public and share their good news or they can decide to remain anonymous. If they remain anonymous then no information on whether the ticket-holder is an individual or syndicate winner, or where the ticket was purchased, will be shared.

As well as the life changing jackpot, five players also won a guaranteed £1 million and a luxury trip to Australia’s Gold Coast in the UK Millionaire Maker draw.

This win continues the nation’s run of luck

So far in 2016 four Euro Millions jackpots have been won in the UK. In February two jackpots worth £24.7 million and £24.6 million were won by UK ticket-holders. These were followed by a £51.8 million prize in April. All three ticket-holders chose to remain anonymous.

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