Japan Lotto

Japan Lotto

How would you like to travel to Asia to play your favourite lottery games? Now you can with Japan lotto!

Here’s why you should play Japanese lotteries:

  • Inexpensive tickets
  • impressive jackpots
  • Great winning odds
  • Japanese lotto prizes are tax free!

The odds of winning Japanese jackpots are much better than what you’ll see for similar lotteries. All the more reason for you to purchase your tickets now!

Play these amazing Japanese lotteries with UK Lotto Club….

How to play Japan Lotto 6:

Choose 6 numbers from 1-43. Jackpots range from 200 million Yen to 600 million Yen (approximately $5.5 million). Two draws a week!

How to play Japan Lotto 7:

Select 7 numbers from 1-37. Jackpots range from 600 million Yen to 1 billion Yen (approximately $9 million). Weekly draw on Fridays!

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