Lucky Leyton Orient Fan Celebrates Lottery Win

Lucky Leyton Orient Fan Celebrates Lottery Win

It isn’t very often that the fans get to drink Champagne at Brisbane Road, home of Leyton Orient football club. They do if they have just won £9 million on the National Lottery!

Paul Long an O’s fan from Essex was doing just that this week, scooping the mega jackpot after purchasing a winning ‘lucky dip’.

Unemployed Mr Long originally thought that the lottery win was a scam as he refused to believe that he had won so much. He had to ring the National Lottery helpline twice, as well as get a mate to check his ticket before the realisation that he was a millionaire sunk in.

Mr Long who has three children said he will not be buying a Lamborghini with his winnings. He will however make sure that his kids Rebecca (27), Elliott (24) and Matthew (20) are all secure for their futures. The ecstatic Leyton Orient supporter will also not be investing any money to buy new players for his beloved club (something they dearly need!).

“The investors have a lot more money than me and a club like Leyton Orient don’t make money, they lose money every year. In reality, I don’t want to lose my money every year. They are doing a fantastic job.” He said.

Leyton Orient Fan Wins National Lottery

Mr Long bought his winning ticket to celebrate the O’s recent win over Woking. This was Leyton Orient’s first home league victory since Boxing Day. In the space of a week he witnessed a rare Leyton Orient home victory and won the lottery. What are the odds?

In a bizarre twist of fate Mr Long split up from his girlfriend just weeks before the massive win. How lucky can one man get you may say. Being a gentleman though he admitted that he may take his ex-girlfriend for a celebratory meal, or even a holiday. A true O’s fan then!

The official website of Leyton Orient football club.

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