Little Lotto – Alo Wala (feat. M. C. Zulu)

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Alo Wala & Nucleya – Little Lotto (feat. MC Zulu)
Published on Dec 5, 2014
“UnderRated” Music For Everyone’s Ears.

Little Lotto is all in the family featuring Indian bass guru @Nucleya and the mighty @McZulu, not to mention a swinging guitar lick by the legendary team Sly&Robbie. #BamBamRiddim

Music by Alo Wala, Julius Sylvest, Copyflex & Nucleya. Words by Alo Wala & MC Zulu. Logo design by Emeka Alams aka Gold Coast Trading & Mastering by Teis Frandsen.


Every body want what they really don’t got

Stretch Little lotto till they hit the jackpot

long line to the top

puff puff choke it up

Super fine sugar daddy make me tea track

Kevlar Chains and align the magazines

we got all the juice it’s not what it seems

Burry that game in the cookies and cream

beer mets scheme gone boast at the scene

you are over all

where’d you put the loot

got no loot mommy press law suit

court date mere dry clean that suit

pappy ain’t dilute now you fishing for the root


daddy turn new not a people don’t praise

up up in the clouds not a vision in heads

bling bling blong yo could be no phase

move a love of the cause still grey

you done no

oi oioh ohoh ohoi oi

Alo wala

hit them with the truth on world wide webs

right now the fans so nice

with the mad one


hit it

(dont understand because of the beats and accent)

you done no

oi oi oh





la la laa.

take it slow…

la la laa…

lets go slow la la laa…

take it slow…

la la laa…

lets go slow…

you done no oi oi oh yeah…

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