Lottery Books Available At The Book Depository

There are a wide range of lottery books at the Book Depository. Here we check out some of the most popular (and useful) publications.

Three of the books I have chosen are fairly light hearted works of fiction. All of them however, are moderately priced, and two are Kindle editions. One is an exciting thriller by well known author Mary Higgins Clark. It features two of her most enduring sleuths Alvirah and Willy. The last book I have chosen is a lottery strategy book. Under normal circumstances I don’t put a lot of faith in ‘systems’ and this certainly isn’t a book I would particularly recommend. However, if you are of a curious disposition and are happy to shell out £30 for ‘research purposes’ then it may have some value for you.

If you know of any other titles that you consider worthy of inclusion then please feel free to mention them in the comments section below. Include a link if you like! Better yet, start a topic of conversation in the forums and solicit some feedback about your choices.

Lottery: The Fortunes and Misfortunes of Perry L. Crandall by Patricia Wood – £10.99

Lottery: The Fortunes and Misfortunes of Perry L. Crandall by Patricia Wood

Perry L. Crandall knows what it’s like to be an outsider. With an IQ of 76, he’s an easy mark. Before his grandmother died, she armed Perry well with what he’d need to know. The importance of words and writing things down, and how to play the lottery. Most importantly, she taught him whom to trust – a crucial lesson for Perry when he wins the multimillion-dollar jackpot. Eventually when his extended family begin to move in on his fortune, his fate and his few true friends. He has a valuable lesson for them. Never ever underestimate Perry L. Crandall.

3.86 (7,328 ratings by Goodreads)

The Love Lottery: a comic tale of lessons in life, love, dating and the odd samosa party (Kindle Edition) by Raj Dhaliwal – £5.83

The Love Lottery: a comic tale of lessons in life, love, dating and the odd samosa party (Kindle Edition) by Raj Dhaliwal

In our fast-paced digital age, never has finding the one felt more like playing the lottery. If anyone knows about the cruelty and chaos of dating in the 21st century it’s Raj Dhaliwal. An accountant by day and hopeless romantic by night. By his own admission, Raj is a tax wizard but a clumsy disaster area when it comes to matters of the heart. This book charts his misadventures in the art of looking for love in an age when a man’s best intentions can be coldly dismissed by a swipe to the left. The Love Lottery.  A comic tale of lessons in life, love, dating and the odd samosa party. Raj explores the emotional rollercoaster of dating. He charts the epic excitement and anticipation. The highs and the lows. And, importantly, the disappointments of our ever optimistic search for romance.

Raj is a British-born Indian man. In this book he compares and contrasts the social and cultural distinctions between his family, his friends and the women he meets on the dating scene. He highlights a route to romance that’s littered with speed dating, online dating and feverish matchmaking. In this funny and heart-warming book Raj has made it his mission to date the weird and the wonderful in the pursuit of lasting love. Want to play The Love Lottery? Then read on….

4.25 (4 ratings by Goodreads)

The Day After I Won the Lottery . . . and Other Short Stories – £3.99

A collection of eight prize winning short stories by historical novelist, Jill Rutherford. Serious, funny, a little off centre, they give you a glimpse into people’s lives – the day after someone won the lottery, a country mansion that talks, a tale of two cities – London and Tokyo, a dog’s tale of resilience, a woman who cannot live without the colour red in her life, the mystery of two ladies in kimono, a faggots and peas cafe, a woman who is caught up in the Japanese tsunami. 

There are also two excerpts from the author’s other books. 

No rating available

The Lottery Winner: Alvirah and Willy Stories by Mary Higgins Clark – £6.07

Mary Higgins Clark is the bestselling “Queen of Suspense”. In this book, one of her most beloved characters, Alvirah Meehan, returns. Prepare to be spellbound by six dazzling and intertwined tales of sleuthing and suspense.

Together with her devoted mate, the ever-resourceful Alvirah has jumped into crime solving on a grand scale in her indomitable spirit and style.

In ‘The Lottery Winner’ Alvirah and Willy seek the peace and tranquility of the Cypress Point Spa. A spa weekend is the perfect way to relax, until a jewel thief turns up!

Alvirah and Willy find a dead actress in their Central Park South condominium in ‘The Body in the Closet’.

Needing a break from the big city, they embark on a vacation in Cape Cod. There they meet a would-be heiress framed for murder in ‘Death on the Cape’.

Back home in Manhattan, searching for a neighbor’s missing newborn makes for a suspense-filled Christmas in ‘Bye, Baby Bunting’.

The perfect collection for both Mary Higgins Clark and mystery fans. The stories in The Lottery Winnerwill keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you breathless!

3.66 (7,015 ratings by Goodreads)

How to Win More : Strategies for Increasing a Lottery Win by Norbert Henze – £29.99

This book is designed to provide valuable insight into how to improve the return on your investment when playing the lottery. While it does not promise that you will win more often, it does show you how to improve the odds of winning larger amounts when your numbers do come up. So, when you do win that million-dollar jackpot, you will be less likely to have to share it with anyone else. 

Among the intriguing topics covered are the most popular (and the most foolish) combinations of numbers, why it is impossible to improve the odds of any legitimate lottery, how popular (and thus unprofitable) an attractive-looking ticket might be, why not to follow the suggested numbers from so-called “expert advisors” and why it is important to avoid winning combinations of past drawings. With this book and a little luck, the dream of winning millions might just come true.

3 (2 ratings by Goodreads)

There are plenty more books about the lottery at the Book Depository. Many of them are fiction but there are some crazy ‘lottery systems’ too. A lot of them are Kindle editions and very reasonably priced. Well worth checking out…

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