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Lottery Wheel

Let me start off straight away by saying using a Lottery Wheel is NOT a guaranteed way of winning the lottery. Neither should the use of lottery wheeling on an individual basis be seen as the path to improving your lifestyle and helping you get rich. Here at the UK Lotto Club we don’t believe in lottery systems. We neither actively promote or encourage the use of lottery systems as an aid to win the lottery. We are a ‘syndicate’ and only promote group play as a way of increasing your chances to win regular lottery payouts. That said, the use of lottery wheeling is a popular way of playing the lottery that does have some interesting theoretical applications, and as such is worth talking about.

Now, ha ha! Despite what I just said above, I am about to little bit contradict myself. Syndicate betting by its very nature uses a form of lottery wheeling in order to be successful. The reason being that by betting in a syndicate you are actually increasing the range of numbers that you are betting on in any particular draw by using numbers that have been chosen by somebody else. Confused? OK, let me explain exactly how lottery wheeling works.

It is probably important to point out that I am no mathematician so I am going to put this explanation in as simple terms as possible because I would like to understand it myself 🙂

What is a Lottery wheel?

Well, basically a lottery wheel is an optimal covering combination that covers every single permutation from a given set of numbers. So, let’s take the UK National Lottery as an example. The National lottery jackpot requires us to pick 6 numbers from 59. Obviously we can still win lesser amounts based on picking 5 numbers, 4 numbers and so on from those 6 winning numbers. Now let’s say that we had 8 numbers that we wanted to play in any particular draw. Clearly we cannot play as many as 8 numbers in one line, so, in order to play all 8 numbers we would have to play more than one line. Now, in order for us to cover every single combination of those 8 numbers with each combination replicated only one time, we would need to play a total of 28 lines.

Using letters instead of numbers we can demonstrate all these possible combinations much more clearly…


A – B – C – D – E – F – G – H



1. A B C D E F 15. A B E F G H
2. A B C D E G 16. A C D E F G
3. A B C D E H 17. A C D E F H
4. A B C D F G 18. A C D E G H
5. A B C D F H 19. A C D F G H
6. A B C D G H 20. A C E F G H
7. A B C E F G 21. A D E F G H
8. A B C E F H 22. B C D E F G
9. A B C E G H 23. B C D E F H
10. A B C F G H 24. B C D E G H
11. A B D E F G 25. B C D F G H
12. A B D E F H 26. B C E F G H
13. A B D E G H 27. B D E F G H
14. A B D F G H 28. C D E F G H


This is essentially how lottery wheeling works. It enables you to maximise value from a random set of numbers greater than the set of numbers that you require to win the lottery. Make sense?

What therefore would be the relative advantages (or indeed disadvantages) to playing the lottery in this way?


  • It is a relatively easy system to use
  • You get maximum coverage of any group of numbers
  • The more numbers you cover the better your odds of winning
  • You will win a prize(s) if sufficient numbers from your wheel are drawn</li?


  • It is not cheap!

Clearly even though you are covering more numbers, which theoretically gives you better odds of winning a prize, you still need to pick the correct numbers in any given draw in order to get paid.


The more numbers that you have in your wheel (remember we only used 8 in our example) the more combinations are going to be possible. This in turn means the more money you are going to need to spend in order to cover all the permutations.

  • A 9 numbers full wheel for a UK National Lottery game contains 84 combinations.
  • A 10 numbers full wheel for a UK National Lottery game contains 210 combinations.
  • A 11 numbers full wheel for a UK National Lottery game contains 462 combinations.
  • A 12 numbers full wheel for a UK National Lottery game contains 924 combinations.
  • A 13 numbers full wheel for a UK National Lottery game contains 1716 combinations.
  • A 14 numbers full wheel for a UK National Lottery game contains 3003 combinations.
  • A 15 numbers full wheel for a UK National Lottery game contains 5005 combinations.

For a single player then lottery wheeling would be prohibitively expensive and would almost certainly lead to your going broke if played over any length of time. Playing as part of a lottery syndicate however with many people taking part in a lottery wheel, your costs are greatly reduced whilst your chances of winning are vastly improved.

It is important to remember though that in order for lottery wheeling as part of a syndicate to be truly successful you do need to keep playing on a regular basis. Simply taking part one week then dropping out for a couple of weeks is not a successful strategy. It is for this reason that we recommend setting up a subscription to take part in your chosen lottery game once or twice a week for small stakes.

The contents of this site including all blog articles and static pages are designed to be both fun and informative. Nothing in this blog is Intended to show that taking part in any lottery will significantly change your life for the better nor should this be inferred.

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I am a global lottery and lifestyle consultant. I firmly believe that everybody buys a winning lottery ticket at some time in their lives, just not necessarily on the right day.

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