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race for life

Race For Life

May 2019 sees another nationwide initiative by Cancer Research UK. Race For Life, which is sponsored by Tesco, is a series of 5k and 10k ‘fun runs’ up and down the UK to raise money for research into this most feared of diseases. You can find an event near you by going to the Race For Life page at Cancer Research UK. Learn more about the Race For Life events taking place near you and how you can get involved.I strongly urge you to take part.

race for life

You can also Purchase Gifts from Cancer Research UK including Race For Life merchandise to help support the charity. No matter what your fitness levels there is always something that you can do to help out this May 2019. If you can’t run 10k, run 5k. If you can’t run 5k then walk. If you can’t walk then volunteer to help out at one of the many water points around the course. If you really can’t get to an event then do something positive by purchasing something (anything) from the Cancer Research UK website. Every contribution no matter how small can help to save a life.

That is why Cancer Research UK is such an important institution in the lives of many families. Not only do they raise money to help beat the disease. They fund UK scientists, doctors and nurses and they influence Government policy regarding Cancer through their policy development team.

The race for life begins in May 2019. You can sign up as an individual or you can sign up as a group. Sign up with friends. Sign up with family. Sign up your school, your University or your club. Whatever you do, just sign up. Together we can help to Kick Cancer!

How To Sign Up As A Group

  1. Find the event you want to take part in here
  2. If you’re signing up friends or family, you will need their email address, home address and date of birth. You can register up to 10 adults at one time (including yourself)
  3. Select the fundraising target for either the whole group or per each group member
  4. After payment, select the option to ‘create a group’
  5. Choose a group name (this will go on your running number)
  6. That’s it – all you have to do now is start fundraising

Further details of how to sign up as a group can be found at Race For Life – Cancer Research UK

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