Supporting Birmingham Charities

The TLC lottery is an amazing project helping to support local Birmingham charities. The lottery is a joint venture between three Birmingham charities.

  • Acorns Children’s Hospice – caring for life limited and life threatened children and young people, and their families across the heart of England.
  • Focus Birmingham – Supporting people with visual impairments and other disabilities. Helping them to live fulfilling and independent lives by providing services that reflect their wants and needs.
  • Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice – Providing the best care and comfort to the terminally ill and their loved ones across Birmingham and Sandwell.

All of these charities do incredible work for the local community. Taking part in the TLC lottery is just one way of helping to support them.

TLC lottery is run on behalf of Birmingham charities by local girl Lorraine Halling. Lorraine has been overseeing the operation of the lottery for 18 years. TLC also employs a team of canvassers who go out and about in Birmingham helping to raise money.

More Money Goes to Birmingham Charities

One of the things that we really like about TLC lottery is that 60p in every pound goes to charity. Twice as much as is raised by other lottery organisations. Draws takes place on Friday of each week. The winners receive £1000 and over 160 other prizes can be won. No millionaires are created by the TLC lottery. Winners are usually notified by telephone, but the results of each weeks lottery are also printed in the Birmingham Evening Mail.

Support the TLC lottery by shopping online

You can support the TLC lottery by shopping online. Simply register an account at Easy Fund Raising This won’t cost you anything but it does mean that every time you shop online at retailers such as John Lewis, Aviva, Sainsbury’s and you can save money and donate to charity at the same time. Simples!

If you would like to take part in the TLC lottery and help to support the amazing work done by the Acorns children’s hospice, Focus Birmingham and St Mary’s hospice Birmingham then you can
Download An Entry Form
or alternatively follow the link below to play online….

TLC Lottery

Raising funds for caring since 1997

Help support local charities in the Birmingham and Sandwell area from just £4.34 per month. Sixty pence in every pound goes directly to charity. TLC lottery supports Acorns children’s hospice,  Focus Birmingham and Birmingham St Mary’s hospice.

The contents of this site including all blog articles and static pages are designed to be both fun and informative. Nothing in this blog is Intended to show that taking part in any lottery will significantly change your life for the better nor should this be inferred.

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