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Should I Put My Lottery Winnings in a Private Bank? Once the adrenaline has died down and the last champagne cork has been popped, every big lottery winner is going to be faced with this one very important question. If you already bank at one of the high street banks then for sure they will […]

Most lottery winners experience a feeling of guilt after collecting their lottery winnings. Why? Well simply put, although winning the lottery is a pretty nice feeling many people find it difficult to justify the fact that they didn’t actually earn that money. It isn’t uncommon for lottery winners to experience a certain amount of shame as they come to terms with their good fortune. It is for this reason that a high percentage of lottery winners subsequently give a proportion of their winnings to charitable causes. But exactly how much of your lottery winnings should you give to charity?

Everybody wants to win the lottery. We all like to dream. But once the dream is realised, what then? Just what are we going to spend all that money on? Well, here are 10 awesome ways to spend your lottery winnings.

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