What Does it Feel Like to Actually Win the Lottery?

I often get asked the question ‘what does it feel like to actually win the lottery?’ Do you know, I have absolutely no idea, but I am guessing it feels something like this.

This scene is from the classic British comedy series Only Fools and Horses: The episode was the Christmas Special in 1996 entitled ‘Time on our Hands’. In reality it has nothing to do with a lottery win, but actually shows Del Boy and Rodney celebrating following the sale of the extremely rare Harrison ‘lesser watch’ for a cool £6.2 million at Sotheby’s in London.

Time On Our Hands

For 16 years our heroes have been selling knock-off items down the market. Could Britain’s best-loved ne’er-do-wells finally make it good? This episode pulled in a record 24.1 million viewers.

Raquel’s parents are coming to lunch so Del-boy wants to pull out all the stops. Only Uncle Albert doesn’t seem to know the difference between coffee and gravy granules.

The following morning Rodney does a ‘stock-take’. This reveals the Trotters Independent Trading Company’s assets to be, an artificial leg, some Showaddywaddy LPs and a broken watch. However, Raquel’s father knows a bit about antiques and notices something that will change their lives forever. Could it really be that ‘this time next week’ The Trotters will actually become millionaires?

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I am a global lottery and lifestyle consultant. I firmly believe that everybody buys a winning lottery ticket at some time in their lives, just not necessarily on the right day.

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