Why I Won’t Be Neglecting My Wife on International Women’s Day

International Women's Day

I won’t be neglecting my wife on International Women’s Day the way I did on Valentine’s Day.

February 14th 2019 was a disaster for our relationship. My wife and I have been married for just two years. I had been looking forward to Valentine’s Day for some time. Our first Valentine’s Day was a disaster. I hadn’t bothered to make plans as a result of getting ill a few days before. This year, though, was going to be different. This year I was going to ensure she had the best evening of her life.

Rodizio Bar & Grill

A rare foray into the city centre a few weeks earlier had led me to discover a brand new Brazilian restaurant called Fazenda. They have restaurants in Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Birmingham. Fazenda’s website can be found here so check it out. First impressions were good. I was greeted by a fabulous young woman who delighted in showing me around her domain. The restaurant was elegantly decorated in wooden panels and black tiles. Tables were sturdy oak and the lighting was suitably romantic. The best thing about this restaurant though? The menu. It was a real meat lovers paradise. Every type of meat, every possible way. From succulent, tender Filet-Mignon to sliced pork belly served with a honey and cinnamon sauce. This restaurant was perfect!

Table booked, wine ordered, Gypsy violinist confirmed. I left a satisfied man. What I had forgotten however was that Valentine’s Day falls right in the middle of ‘Flu Season’.

Two days before Valentine’s Day I came down with the worst flu virus I have ever experienced. Worse than the ignominy of feeling absolutely horrible though was the constant and debilitating cough. So low did this leave me that my planned restaurant attendance was rendered impossible. To my shame, this also meant that I failed to get any gift at all for my wife. No flowers, no perfume, nothing.

International Women’s Day

March 8th is fast approaching and I intend to be a whole lot better prepared. International Women’s Day is not going to catch me out the way that Valentine’s Day has done. I arranged to have my original Valentine’s Day restaurant booking transferred to March 8th. However, should any debilitating virus befall either my wife or myself, I now have a plan B to fall back on.  I already found a great little online wine shop named, appropriately, The Drink Shop, and pre-ordered a flavoursome bottle of Laurent Perrier – Cuvee Rose. Because of its 100% Pinot Noir grape and delightful pink colour, it will be a wonderful accompaniment to the fresh Salmon Pasta that I have paired it with. All these ingredients will be in the fridge just in case we can’t leave the house.

You can pick up a bottle of Laurent Perrier – Cuvee Rose (£55.93) or any one of dozens of other quality Champagnes, wines, beers or spirits for International Women’s Day at The Drink Shop.

What won’t be in the fridge, however, is the bottle of perfume I plan to buy her. My wife really loves Pleasures by Estee Lauder but some female friends of mine say that Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana is divine. Now I am a bit undecided. What do you think? Give me your thoughts on your favourite perfume in the comments section below. Any suggestions will be welcome and maybe it will help me make up my mind. What is even better is the guys over at GalaxyPerfume.co.uk have a 10% discount code for use on any purchase at their website.

Get 10% off any purchase at GalaxyPerfume.co.uk using code GET10OFF

A Real Feast of Colour

International Women’s Day 2019 won’t see me rushing down to the petrol station for some last minute heavily discounted flowers either. No matter how ill I am I have already decided that I shall order flowers online with FREE standard next day delivery. Clare the Florist has branches all over the UK at Edinburgh, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, Bristol and Newcastle. Right now they are offering significant discounts on many of their standard bouquets. My wife adores roses so I have already picked out Rainbow Roses – a real feast of colour with red, yellow, pink and green, all the colours of the rainbow are in this fantastic bouquet of finest quality mixed roses. Sorted!

How am I doing?

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