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Adolf Hitler wins the lottery

How Adolf Hitler Won The Lottery!

Adolf Hitler buys a winning lottery ticket. Is this the answer to all his problems? Will he finally be able to win the war? Not if that thieving rat bastard Heinrich Himmler has anything to do with it.

This historically accurate video of Adolf Hitler winning the US Powerball in 1945 will attempt to answer some of the most significant questions surrounding his time holed up in an underground bunker in Berlin during the allied invasion.

Questions such as….

  • Will Joseph Goebbels be able to afford plastic surgery?
  • Is his wife really sleeping with her first husband?
  • Does Burgdorf suffer from incontinence?

At last the truth about Hitler’s amazing lottery win and the mystery surrounding the missing $400 million. Incredible to think that the outcome of the war and indeed the whole future of Europe was decided by a lottery ticket.

Hitler Wins The Lottery

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