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Death hits the Jackpot

Columbo – Death Hits the Jackpot

Peter Falk stars as Columbo in . This is episode 1 from series 11 and it first aired on December 15 1991….

Death Hits the Jackpot

Freddy is a down at heel photographer who has just won $30 million on the lottery. Freddy is also in the process of a divorce. In order to prevent his wife from getting her hands on half of the money, Freddy comes up with an elaborate plot.

Freddy contacts his uncle Leon and convinces him to claim the lottery win on his behalf. In this way Freddy can finalise his divorce and then claim the money back later. Leon though is currently engaged in his own deception as he is having an affair with Freddy’s wife, Nancy. He also has money troubles of his own, so he conspires with his lover to murder Freddy and keep the millions for himself.

The accompanying video shows Columbo attempting to catch the eye of the suspect (Leon) and his lover during an auction. Peter Falk in his usual bumbling manner, and seemingly oblivious to the auction taking place around him inadvertently bids on a diamond necklace. This situation is made more hilarious by the fact that he is actually bidding against Leon.

Although not shown in this video this episode features ‘Joe the Chimp’ in a cameo role. As the episode plays out the chimpanzee plays an important part in gathering evidence against Leon.

Cast of Characters:

Columbo – Peter Falk
Freddie Brower – Gary Kroeger
Nancy Brower – Jamie Rose
Leon Lamarr – Rip Torn
Martha Lemarr – Betsy Palmer
Trish – Brit Lind
Detective Stroller – Warren Berlinger

and Joe the Chimp as himself


Created by Richard Levinson & William Link

Producer – Christopher N. Seiter
Executive Producer – Peter Falk
Co-Producer – Todd London

Directed by Vincent McEveety
Written by Jeffrey Bloom
Story Edited by Robert Van Scoyk

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