Can I Still Play the Euromillions After Brexit?


The one question on everyone’s mind post Brexit is ‘will I still be able to purchase tickets for the Euromillions lottery after Brexit?’ Well the simple answer to this question is….Yes!

The Euromillions is operated by Camelot who also operate the UK National Lottery, and as far as they’re concerned it’s business as usual every Tuesday and Friday. The Euromillions operates in nine European countries and membership of the EU is not a requirement. Switzerland for example is one of the nine. The agreement is between lottery operators and not between governments.lotteries. The founding members of the Euro Lottery are the UK National Lottery together with the French and Spanish. The lottery is available in three currencies, Euros, Pounds and Swiss Francs.

So fear not lotto players. Euromillions will still be creating lottery winners long after Brexit stops trending on social media. The only thing likely to happen is that the prizes may get smaller. This is because as the prizes are calculated in Euros the fluctuation in the exchange rate may have an effect. However it is likely that this will only be a short term thing. It may also be that some people will stop buying tickets as an irrational reaction to the result of the vote. This too will pass and after a few months ticket sales will rise. Of course if you are lucky enough to win a share of over £100 million I suppose the odd £1 million here or there hardly makes a difference.

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