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Homer plays the lottery

Homer Simpson Plays the State Lottery

Hilarious clip of Homer Simpson winning the lottery. This is the opening clip from ‘Million Dollar Maybe’ one of the very best (in my opinion) Simpsons episodes. This episode featured a cameo from Coldplay.

If you were 17, we’d be rich! But noooo you had to be 10!

Homer Simpson

Homer blows off a date with Marge to buy a lottery ticket and winds up winning the million-dollar jackpot. Fearing how Marge will react if she finds out the reason Homer missed their date, Homer keeps his newly inherited fortune a secret and spoils his family with ‘anonymous’ gifts. When Bart finds out, he and Homer spend the money like it’s going out of style, including buying front-row to tickets to see Coldplay in concert. – Written by FOX Publicity

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