My Neighbour Won the Postcode Lottery!

My neighbour won the Postcode Lottery. You know. ‘er at number 23. She practically waltzed into the launderette on Thursday all lah-di-dah like and announced at the top of her voice “I’ve just won £30,000 on the Postcode Lottery!” Well, you could’ve knocked me down with a feather. I was so surprised I spilled my brand new packet of Daz automatic all over the floor.

Mavis from number 45 was shocked as well, she had never even heard of the Postcode Lottery. “I’ve never even heard of the Postcode Lottery!” She said.

Then ‘Er from number 23’ said disparagingly “I can’t stand around here all day tittle-tattling to you ladies. I’m off down to Euronics to buy myself an Indesit. You won’t be seeing me in the launderette no more!” With that she was off again. Bold as brass that one. Do you know though? We never did see her in the launderette again, not once.

So, how does the Postcode Lottery work?

Well, in order to answer that question you should watch the video above. Essentially though, the Postcode Lottery operates like this….

In order to take part in the Postcode Lottery you need to take out a subscription. A single entry will cost you just £10 per month, though you can purchase more than one entry. With guaranteed winners every day and literally thousands of winners each week, the Postcode Lottery is one of the UK’s favourite’s. Another benefit of taking part in the Postcode Lottery is that for the community minded amongst you, they give 31% of all the the money collected to local and national charities.

Your postcode is the determining factor in choosing a winner. Prizes are shared between all winning players in any given postcode. Every Saturday and Sunday winning participants in the chosen postcode will each receive £30,000. Once a month participants in one lucky postcode sector will win a share of an incredible £3,000,000!

Because the Postcode Lottery is a subscription service it means that you don’t need to remember to buy a ticket every week. You don’t even need to remember to make a claim as winnings are automatically credited to your bank account.

£221 million Raised for UK Charities

The Postcode Lottery has raised an incredible £221,000,000 for charities in the UK. It is also possible to nominate local charities that you feel passionate about for inclusion into their portfolio. So why not head over to take yourself out a subscription and at the same time recommend that donkey Sanctuary that you are so passionate about.

I like the Postcode Lottery a lot. It’s simple, it’s affordable, it supports worthwhile causes, and at the end of the day nobody wants to feel left out when some Channel 4 celebrity comes knocking on ‘er at number 23’s door with a big fat cheque now do they!

If you are interested in the Postcode Lottery and would like to learn more, or take part in a discussion on this lottery with other players, you may want to head over to our dedicated forum at

The Peoples Postcode Lottery

Sign up today at and pay a £10 monthly subscription. Your postcode determines your ticket allocation. Automatic entry into each draw. Guaranteed winners every day. A minimum of 31% goes to charity.

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