Polish Lotto is cheap as chips!

loterie polski

Zagraj w Poland lotto! Play Polish lotto. Why? Because while everyone else is chasing the mega-jackpots on the Euromillions they are missing out on some amazing value lotto bets.

Yes, it is true that jackpots on the Polish lotto do not get anywhere near the massive sums that UK players play for on the National Lottery. The record jackpot for a single winner on the Poland lottery was won back in August 2015. The prize, 35,234,116.20 PLN or just £6.1 million! Whilst the highest ever jackpot was for 56 million PLN or a paltry £9.5 million! Not big by UK standards but when you consider that a ticket costs just 60p it does provide incredible value.

Poland lotto also has one of the highest pay-out rates. The odds of a player winning any prize is just 57:1 or 13,983,816:1 to win the jackpot. Compare that with odds of over 45,000,000:1 to win the National lottery jackpot and the attraction is obvious.

Even more popular in Poland is the mini-lotto. It costs just 25p to play and offers jackpot odds of only 850,668:1. Imagine winning a cool £50,000 for a 25p stake!

These reasons make taking part in the Polish lotto excellent value. Let other lotto players chase the big jackpots on the bigger lotteries. Play Polish lotto with a subscription at theLotter.com and experience far greater returns over time.

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